As a college student, Tyler Groskreutz founded Hedgehog Advertising in 2013. Today, we are an advertising agency serving business’ marketing, graphic design, and advertising needs.

We commonly are asked why we chose the name Hedgehog Advertising. The Hedgehog specifically selected because we felt the hedgehog symbolized qualities seen in our company. Like the symbolism around hedgehogs, we are a hard working, no-nonsense company.

A little known piece of history is that our holiday, Groundhog Day, is derived from a European tradition called Hedgehog Day. We want to bring your business out of winter into the color and beauty of spring.

Mission Statement

We tell the stories of businesses and organizations. We do this by creating beautiful and functional advertising and marketing strategies.

Our Team

Tyler Groskreutz - Owner

Tyler Groskreutz


Tyler graduated in 2013 from Minnesota State University, Mankato with a BFA in Art with a primary emphasis in graphic design. He has a passion for small businesses, technology, hunting, fishing, and gardening.